Panic & Murder

Panic & Murder is a story I imagined around 2016.
I wanted to show that mental illness could affect anyone. Even a superhero.

We are in 2020, and I am only starting to work on it.
Since it is a personal project, that means I have to do everything on my free time. And it’s complicated with a long story.
I want to share everything at once online for free or maybe cut it in several parts that I would share with a small interval. So I have to do all the work before sharing it.

Having a Patreon helps me to work on projects like this one, and I am grateful for this incredible help.
I am still far from being able to make it a 24/7 job, and I am not very good at promoting my Patreon but this is a great help and I really want to share this story.

Here, you will have all the pages. Nothing is definitive so there might be changes. Sometimes, I edit colors, maybe the page 5 is not clear enough, maybe I will want to change everything…
I will notice you in the weekly news each time there are news in here !

It won’t be very regular since my patreon and free time is initially dedicated to my short comics. But I’ll do my best and tried to find a graphic style that doesn’t take me too long.