Wednesday was an amazing day !

The first email I read was from The Mighty, telling me they shared some of my comics. It’s here. I’m so glad because I love this website.

Later in the day, I was on The Independant. I answered to some questions and Kashmira wrote an amazing article. I think that’s another life achievement for me !

2 amazing websites on the same day !! WOAW !

I receive many wonderful messages and get many notifications. Thanks you ever so much everyone, you keep making my days. And I’m sorry for the comments I miss on tumblr, I have so many notifications that I can’t see everything.

News on the shop coming !

Some wonderful people also asked if I was selling prints and goodies of these artworks. I’m currently working on news to add on the shop ! I found a new printing partner who can ship in the whole world so I can’t wait for everything to be ready !

The goodies you’ll buy on the shop will help me to have some time to create the comics I share on the internet and that everyone can enjoy for free.

I’ll also be looking for a publisher to share the comics with everyone as a book. Wait’n see.



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